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"when i get sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead."

Most of my entries are friends-locked because I'm embarrassed by the extent of my dorky-geeky fangirliness, heh. If dorky-geeky fangirliness that embarrasses appeals to you, then go ahead!

Comment and I'll probably add you as a friend straight away. I'm easily swayed like that.
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helloooo. mel here. Like to add, if that's okay!
I am diaphenia on tumblr and I hardly ever write on lj but I love when you post about Parks on tumblr and I have all these Parks feelings to I want to read about yours.
Also! Love Castle, even if I don't tumble on it. You linked to here from your tumblr because of a post on Castle and it was lovely.
hi! i'd love to be friended by you - i follow your tumblr, and i love geeky fangirlness!
may we commence friendship

Deleted comment

guuuuurl it's Robin, you should totes add me back :)
Oh no I thought I'd added you back!!! I saw your first entry and within the first three dudes you'd mentioned I went oh it's Robin!
Um...I pretty much love your fic and I would love to be your friend! If you let me!
I know you from Tumblr! (I'm octobersweetheart there and I adore your posts).

We have so many fandoms in common: The Office, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, Community, Chuck, etc. And we even like the same people: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Carey Mulligan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, etc. And we like some of the same musical artists! (Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, Florence + the Machine, The Beatles)

Basically you're great and we should be LJ amigos!
Comment and I'll probably add you as a friend straight away I'm easily swayed like that
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