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"when i get sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead."

Most of my entries are friends-locked because I'm embarrassed by the extent of my dorky-geeky fangirliness, heh. If dorky-geeky fangirliness that embarrasses appeals to you, then go ahead!

Comment and I'll probably add you as a friend straight away. I'm easily swayed like that.
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I have commented.

Am I your friend?
Oh, you loser. :P You're my cousin, you've been my friend for a long time. Even on LJ!



March 19 2008, 13:05:15 UTC 10 years ago

What if I don't have an account huh?
Prejudice. Hmph.

Re: Neeti


March 19 2008, 13:06:07 UTC 10 years ago

eep double post, first one with a typo. Sorry!

Re: Neeti


10 years ago

dude, now you can add my openID as a friend.

YEAH!! :D Awesome!! Now your entries will come up on my friends-list and I won't have to keep checking your blogspot page. :D YAY THIS IS EXCITING.
Greetings and salutations! I just read & reviewed "Money" over at MTT (I'm SeluciaV there too) and saw that you had an LJ so I thought I'd say hello. So.


I've only just started my LJ so it's basically like 10 entries consisting of random musings about Veronica Mars, and Newsies (yeah, that's right, NEWSIES), and, well, stuff. I basically started it so I could post in some of the journals of other friends and authors I'd met at other sites but am now trying to actually branch out and make some new friends.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and friend you and hope you'll friend back. If not, no worries. And hey -- although I'm not a writer of fanfic, just a lover, I've beta'd for some other folks and would be happy to help out if you ever need a sounding board or anything. I'm also a pretty damn good cheerleader (at least in writing -- ;-p). I really did enjoy "Money" and am going to now take myself off to read the other tales in your back catalog.

Later gator!
Hello! :D

I am definitely going to friend you back [in case you haven't realised yet] because there's nothing like making new friends - especially one that's awesome enough to love The Office, and Office fanfiction, and amazing enough to spend time reviewing every one of my stories - do you get that? I think you're awesome. :D Maybe a cheerleader is something I will enjoy having! ;)

Well that's about it! I can't wait to start seeing you around LJ now. :D
You seem like a good person to get along with, and we have the same interests. So I added you :D
You sound pretty great, yourself! :D How did you find me!

Anyway, I'm adding you back.
Heyyyyy, I was just browsing your pro.. you have good taste House, Pushing Daisies, Dr Who. Friends? x
You have great taste, too! The Beatles, John Cusack, the Gyllenhaals! I'll be adding you. :D
Hey! I don't know if you have any interest in this, but I'm getting in touch with everyone who participated in the Christmas 2006 fic exchange at yankeeficswap. The community has since been deleted, so I've compiled a list of Google caches and alternate links, in case you'd like to recover the reviews your fic got, find the fic that was written for you, or just update your bookmarks. The list is here:
Oh, good, thank you for the information! :D


July 15 2008, 15:10:18 UTC 9 years ago

Why hello!
I stumbled upon your journal.. well I'm not entirely sure how, but I did. And I seemed to notice you like the TV show How I Met Your Mother.
Now I like that TV show too, and you can just see where this corny post is going, isn't it.
Anyway, can I friend you? :D
Well, Bones and Doctor Who, too? You know I'm adding you right back!! :D
cold_campbells told me I should be friends with you. And she's the boss of me, so. UM, HI. YAY FOR SHARED FANDOMS AND STUFF.

Since she's the boss of me, too (!) - UM YEAH, OKAY, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!


9 years ago


9 years ago

hey, we have a lot of the same interests: 30 rock, the office...
add me?
I'd really like that. :D Definitely!


February 16 2009, 00:51:28 UTC 9 years ago

I left you Valentine at the fandom Valentine's Day game which can be found at the link below.

Hey, I found your journal through lissomelle and I noticed we had a lot of fandoms (30 Rock, The Office, Doctor Who, Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, Arrested Development), interests, and friends in common. Add?
Wow, checking out your interests and our mutual friends I'm surprised we never bumped into each other before! Love your favourite movies list (Clueless and Indiana Jones? hell yeah), your celebrities list, your TV shows list (Dead Like Me! and I'm just watching Buffy for the first time now.) Definitely, definitely friends - you're already on my Cool List!


9 years ago


9 years ago

hey, we have some (awesome) friends in common, plus the office + doctor who + harry potter = ♥, and you seem pretty cool. friends? :)
:D I especially love your love of the first two, heh. And the Lily Allen quote on your profile (I just recently got into her...and I just peeked at your LJ and YOU JUST RECENTLY WATCHED THE FIRST SEASON OF BUFFY!! I'm halfway through S2 (and have been for nearly two weeks now) - for the first time!)

If I haven't scared you away yet - I'd love to be friends. :D You seem pretty fantastic (and the Awesome Friends only back this up).


9 years ago

Hiii :) I saw your comment over at the "Easiest Friend Meme" thread, and you seem like an awesome person! And we have some things in common :) Want to be friends?
Definitely - you seem pretty awesome, yourself! :D
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